StaticPay has everything you need to create beautiful payment forms and accept credit card payments.

Set Minimum and Maximum Amounts

Our platform gives you the flexibility to set minimum and maximum payment amounts so you can control how much you pay in credit card processing fees.

Choose Your Fields

Your form can collect contact info, notes, invoice numbers, client numbers, and other useful information. Set fields as required or optional.

Charge Convenience Fees

Our platform allows you to charge customers a percentage or fixed amount per transaction.

Customize The Payment Form's URL

Give your customers peace of mind that they are in the right place. Choose any URL that is available.

Use Your Logo

Upload your logo and it will show up above the payment form, giving your payment page an official look.

Customize The Form's Colors

Your payment form should have your look and feel. Change the page's background, text, and button colors to fit your brand.

Set Email Notifications

Choose who gets notified after a successful payment, whether it be the customer, yourself, or both.

Seamless Stripe Integration

Our platform handles all the complicated parts of the Stripe integration. All you need to activate a form are the API keys, and we point you in the right direction to get those.

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