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Is StaticPay Really Free To Use?


Put simply, yes! StaticPay is, and always will be, a free service. We want to simplify the creation of payment forms for everyone. StaticPay could be considered a "freemium" service, in that the core service is free and you are welcome to upgrade at any time to access addtional features.

Visit our Pricing page for the current details on what is included in our free and paid plans.

How Our Pricing Works

Be assured, we will never take a percentage of your income, as other platforms do. We believe that you are already paying enough in credit card processing fees, and we want to minimize how much you pay above that.

If you want to access all of our features, all you will pay is a low monthly rate.

Please remember that our fees are separate from any fees that Stripe will charge you to process your transactions.

View Stripe's current processing fees here.