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How Does It Work?


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Simply create a StaticPay account, customize your payment form, and connect your Stripe account.


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Share the link to the payment form with anyone. Or put the provided iframe on any webpage.


3. Done

That's it! Sit back, relax, and let our secure platform work its magic. Payments go straight to you.

Built for Businesses and Coders Alike

Did you know that you don't need a website or a credit card reader to accept credit card payments?

Payment Forms. Simplified.

Discover how StaticPay is taking the pain out of accepting credit card payments.


By using Stripe, we push the security requirements to their expert team. Our platform offloads the tedious PCI compliance from you to them.

Responsive Ready

Your payment form will look great on any device. No scrolling bars, we promise! ;)

Quick and Easy

Coding payment forms by hand is a thing of the past. Experience the absolute easiest and fastest way to create payment forms.

Simple Pricing

Our monthly pricing gives you peace of mind. No hidden fees and no percentages, ever!